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Hello all—
We had a great showing at tonight’s run, thanks to the people who came out. However, we will be changing things next week to accomodate more people.
In addition to the 5:15pm long, fast(er) run, we will have an additional 5:15pm short, slow(er) run. Hopefully this split will help out with creating similar paced groups. Both will leave from the Cistern and have group leaders.
As far as Hickory Knob is concerned, we have a handfull of people interested in racing. If anyone else wants in on this group, again let me know ASAP (by Friday at the latest) so we can start working out logistics like rooms, driving, etc. It’s a beautiful course and a great way to break into tri’s if you’ve never done one before. Only $50 before Oct.1 for the olympic distance! Steven will be going to help the group out so no one will be going solo.
Hope to see everyone out at the swim tomorrow…7:30-9pm at Stern. You don’t have to be there right at 7:30 if there’s time conflicts We’ll have a couple workouts to choose from if you’re new or experienced.

Nationals and Other Races


First, East Cooper Tri was this weekend and Siobhan Maize won the -FEMALE AGE GROUP: 35 – 39. Way represent the club on the home front!

Wow what a weekend! I have been going to this race for a few years and I am surprised that every year it gets bigger and faster. For example the women’s race was won in 2:07:30 and the men’s race was won in 1:52:34 on a hilly course. There were 454 men and 265 women in the undergraduate division. It was huge!! Here is a link to a video produced by the local media on the race:
We learned a lot about what big time triathlon is about while watching the oly trials races…Matty Reed!!!!

As a team I think we did great given that this was our first year as a club and most of y’all can count the number of tri you have done on one hand. We were also going up against schools that have 5times as many students as CofC. In the coming years we will only get better as we pick more experience and members.

Collegiate National Triathlon Championship-1.5K Swim, 40K Bike, 10K Run:

Team Competition.
Women-40th/48 teams.
Men-48th/58 teams

Women Individuals

Josephine Rex 142th place 2:47:14=23:36+1:21:10+57:01 Marina Fleming 146th place 2:48:33=33:08+1:22:44+49:31 Tinja Anderson 151th place 2:49:04=24:57+1:24:13+54:42

Men Individuals

David Thomas 71th place 2:11:03=21:24+1:07:18+39:44
Joseph Whiteley 296th place 2:33:08=32:03+1:15:28+42:13 Zachary Kennedy 304th place 2:34:18=30:56+1:14:55+43:32 Harrison Johnson 318TH place2:35:45=37:18+1:15:00+39:40

BTW-J Rex and Tinja-great swims!!!

Tuscaloosa Triathlon-750m Swim, 20K Bike, 5K Run

Brian Lanahan 1:09:25= 12:52+35:17+18:46 Juan Jose Villar 1:23:41= 12:27+43:28+24:57

Here are my pictures from the race:
Look at the PI and Nats set. If you want to add pictures let me know and I will give you access.


Wilmington results!

We had good race last weekend in Wilmington.

Swim Bike Run Time Overall Place

JOSEPHINE REX 4:15 37:19 27:32 1:12:03 14th
TINJA A-M 4:52 39:14 29:24 1:16:25 19th


DAVID THOMAS 3:54 30:55 18:59 0:54:59 2nd
BRIAN LANAHAN 5:13 33:07 19:57 0:59:42 17th
ZACHARY KENNEDY5:32 33:25 20:36 1:01:02 24th
LUKE CORREALE 7:34 31:42 23:14 1:04:40 35th
THOMAS NOVAK 3:44 36:20 23:23 1:05:37 39th
HARRISON JOHNSON DQ Missed 2nd lap of bike

Award Winners

DAVID THOMAS 2nd Overall male
J REX 20-24 AG Champion! (2nd Tri ever!!!!!!!!)
TINJA A-M 20-24 AG 2nd Place (1st Tri ever + Small bike crash!!)
ZK 20-24 AG 2nd Place (Just got off the couch last Fall!)
THOMAS NOVAK Should have got one for 15-19 but I put him in the wrong AG,sorry Tommy


The Wave seeding are up for Nationals-

1 Thomas David College of Charleston
2 Fleming Marina College of Charleston
3 Whiteley Joseph College of Charleston
4 Anderson-Mitterling Tinja College of Charleston
4 Rex Josephine College of Charleston
5 Kennedy Zachary College of Charleston
Harrison-??-I am checking on this!

The water was 64.5 yesterday morning. You must have Tri specific wetsuit. A surf suit will not due, ask me how I know. If you are not racing and you have a wetsuit and would loan it to someone for this race let me know. If you do have a suit let me know and we will find you one.

Tents for Nationals

If you have a tent or can get your hands on a good tent bring it to nationals. It is better have too many tents than having to sleeping out in the open, ask me how I know.

Rock on!


important info for 4/4/08


There is a lot of important info so read all of this.

1. Our esteemed Vice President Joe Whitely is in Skirt Magazine this month as their “He is so original” model. Joe mentions the Tri club and looks great in a skirt, check it out…

2. I have been hounding USAT about spots in the big race at nationals and today two open up. This means that Tinja and Harrison will be in the Oly race and we will have a full team for both women and men. If you are on the fence about nationals because you only wanted to go if you could get in to the big race this is your chance. We have the next four spots in the waiting list and I KNOW more spots will open up soon. SO if you are interested in going let me know NOW! Luke Correale this means you!

Wilmington Race

People Going and Rides

David Thomas-Driving self up and staying with Gmother
ZK- Driving self up and staying with Dave’s Gmother J Rex- Driving self up and staying with Team Tinja-Driving up with DrL and staying with Team
Harrison- Driving self up and staying with friends Luke Correale- Driving up with DrL and staying with Team
DrL- Driving up with DrL and staying with Team
Holhouser- Driving up with DrL and staying with Team Tommy Novak- Driving up with DrL and staying with Team

We have three rooms (one girl, two boys) at:

Motel 6 Wilmington >> #157
I-40/NC 132 at Business 17, Exit #8
2828 Market Street
Wilmington, NC 28403


Sat April 5th

2:00-Leave from 11a Smith St (ZK, Joe and DT’s house) 5:30-Arrive Wilmington and go straight to packet pickup.
6:00-Check in to Hotel and such
7:00-Eat at Olive Garden 5307 MARKET STREET WILMINGTON NC 8:30-Back to Hotel

Sun April 6th

6:00 a.m-Leave Hotel
11:00-Leave for Home-

This is our plan at the moment. If you have any questions let me know.

BTW-There is no meeting this week.

Thursday Meeting

Hey Folks,

The meeting will be in room 201 in the sterns center at 4:00. If you are going to race Sat you should try to make this meeting. After the meeting I will be biking easy over to the Mt. P track and doing a short track workout (8X400) then biking home. So bring your bike and running shoes  if you want to do this workout.

At the meeting we will are going to discuss:

1.      Logistics for Parris Island-Ride etc..
2.      Adjustment and additions to workout times
3.      Pizza dinner at Dave, Joe and Zack’s Friday night.
4.      Pre-nationals all comers time trial at Folly/IOP
5.      Logistics for Nationals-
6.      Summer and Fall racing schedule and Southeaster Collegian Triathlon Conference
7.      New Uniforms- We need someone to design it…



We had a few people who are involved with the club have some really impressive single sport performances in the last week or so. First Harrison Johnson ran 2:55 at the Myrtle Beach Marathon. He finished 17th out of a field of 1600+. Running under 3 hours in the marathon is NOT easy and to do it your first time is impressive. Second Tommy Novak swam 17:10 for 1650-yd. Freestyle for the swim team at the CCSA Championship. That holding 1:08 ish per 100…..



Uniforms-We still have a few uniforms for people who race. If you are racing and want a Uni let me know and we will see if we have your size.

Brian K. Lanahan Ed.D.